Veterinary drug MASTONISIN-FORTE

For the treatment of mastitis and endometritis in cows

  • A combined effect of two peptide antibiotics

  • There are no cases of microorganisms’ resistance to the active substance of the drug

  • Highly effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

  • Antitoxic effect due to the bacterial toxin absorption

  • Not absorbed into the blood

  • The active substance of the drug nisin is approved for use in the food industry

  • No withdrawal period for milk obtained from the helathy quarters and after intrauterine administration

Therapeutic indications:

MASTONISIN-FORTE is used to treat cows with clinical and subclinical mastitis of bacterial etiology during lactation, as well as with chronic and subclinical endometritis of bacterial etiology.

Composition of the veterinary drug:

10.0 ml of the drug contains:

•          1 200 000 МЕ of nisin,

•          1.5 mg of polymyxin B.

Pharmacological activity:

Nisin, the active ingredient of the drug, is an antimicrobial peptide produced by Lactococcus lactis, which exhibits bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties against gram-positive, spore-forming and some acid-resistant microorganisms, including Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp., Corynebacterium spp., Bacillus spp. etc.

Nisin reveals its bactericidal effect through the destructive action on the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane. The bacteriostatic effect of nisin is related to its interaction with the precursor of peptidoglycan, lipid Ⅱ, which leads to inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis. Up to date there are no cases of the microorganisms’ resistance to nisin.

Polymyxin B is a peptide antibiotic produced by Paenibacillus polymyxa, another active substance of the drug. Polymyxin B has bactericidal activity against gram-negative bacteria (Escherichia coli, Proteus spp., Klebsiella spp. and so on).

Polymyxin B binds to phospholipids in cytoplasmic membrane of bacterial cells and increases membrane permeability, which leads to the cell lysis. In therapeutic concentration polymyxin B absorbs endotoxins formed during bacterial lysis, wich contributes to the reduction of inflammatory reactions.

When administered via intramammary or intrauterine injection, MASTONISIN-FORTE is poorly absorbed into the blood and reveals antibacterial effect only in the treated udder quarter or uterine cavity.. 


MASTONISIN-FORTE is used in cows with subclinical and clinical mastitis of bacterial etiology during lactation.

Before using the drug in mastitis treatment, the content of the affected parts of the udder are milked out, the skin of the nipples is treated with an antiseptic solution, then the tip of the syringe is inserted into the nipple canal and the drug are carefully squeezed out. After the drug is injected, the syringe tip is removed, the top of the nipple is pinched with finger, and the nipple is gently massaged from bottom to top for better distribution of the drug. Before use, the drug is recommended to be heated to the body temperature of the animal.

In case of subclinical and clinical mastitis, the drug is administered intracisternally at a dose of 10 ml (1 syringe) into each affected part of the udder once or twice a day for 2–6 days (depending on the form and severity of mastitis).

In case of endometritis, sanitary treatment of external genitalia and tail root is performed before intrauterine administration of the drug. If necessary, remove inflammatory exudate from uterine cavity of cows. Connect syringe with a catheter (pipette), put glove on the hand and rectally fix the cow's uterine cervix, then carefully insert the catheter through the cervix into the uterine cavity and squeeze out the syringe contents.

In chronic endometritis, the drug is injected into the uterine cavity at a dose of 20 ml three times at an interval of 72 hours.

In subclinical form of endometritis, the drug is administered into the uterine cavity at a dose of 20 ml, once.

Precautions and adverse reactions:

When the drug is used in recommended doses and in accordance with all the instructions, side effects and complications are generally not observed.

In animals with eleveted sensitivity to the components of the drug; an allergic reaction may occur. If symptoms of an allergic reaction occur, the drug should be cancelled; if necessary, antihistamines are prescribed and symptomatic therapy are conducted.

Do not use in animals with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Symptoms of overdose in animals have not been revealed.

The use of MASTONISIN-FORTE does not exclude the use of other drugs, except for drugs for intracisternal administration.

After the first administration and cancellation, no peculiarities of the drug use have been revealed.

Avoid missing the next dose of the drug, as it may lead to the reduced therapeutic effect. If administration of the veterinary drug is missed, resume it in the same dosage and according to the same treatment scheme as soon as possible. Do not increase the dose to compensate the missing one.

Withdrawal period:

Milk collected from the healthy udder quarters as well as after intrauterine administration of the drug may be used for human consumption without any restrictions.

Milk after intracisternal administration of the drug may be used for food purposes not earlier than 48 hours with three times daily milking or 60 hours with two times daily milking after the last administration of the drug, provided full clinical recovery.

No withdrawal period for meat.


Storage conditions:

Store in a dark place at a temperature between +2°C to +25°C.


Shelf-life of the veterinary drug is 12 months from the date of manufacture. After first opening, the drug is not subject to storage.

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