About us

"Research and Production Center BELAGROGEN", LLC is a leading research-based veterinary pharmaceutical company with production facilities located in Belarus. Our operations are focused on the Eurasian Economic Union market, mostly in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The company's products range includes veterinary medicines for cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, and other livestock. In total, we have more than 80 officially approved veterinary products, including injectable forms, solutions, tablets, ointments and powders, diagnostic solutions and disinfectants.

Many of our products have no analogues in the market of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. In particular, it is a line of species-specific protein multi-purpose preparations intended for treatment of viral and bacterial diseases, as well as for stimulation of animal immunity and growth processes. 

Our market success would not be possible without significant investments in research and development. Sciense for us is a pillar stone of all our activities that enables us to to come up with new ideas andto be a step ahead of many of our competitors. The company's research division consists of various professionals with deep knowledge in genetics, chemistry and modern technologies. The company's management and scientific employees maintain close cooperative relations with major research centers in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, and has frequent contacts with international scientific community.

"Research and Production Center BELAGROGEN" uses the most modern scientific and technological achievements to manufacture veterinary drugs of the highest quality. We pay special attention to the quality of the production process as well as to the quality of our supplies. We have established the quality management system that is certified in accordancewith the latest version of the standard ISO 9001. Due to the rising demand for the company's products, BELAGROGEN has decided to build a new production facility in China-Belarus Industrial park located in Belarus. The new production facilities will meet GMP requirements and will help the company to better position itself in the world market.

Our main goal is to make our veterinary products better, more efficient and convenient to use. We constantly monitor current market demands and communicate with our customers to be sure we are focused on ours customers present and future needs. We also offer a various option to give our customers maximum flexibility. As a part of our services we arrange delivery of drugs that require special transportation conditions to the customers place, and guarantee their safety. 

We are always open for cooperation and establishment of new business contacts. "Research and Production Center BELAGROGEN" is your reliable partner in the prevention and cure of animal diseases. 

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