DeltaBAG 7.5

Insecticide and acaricide agent DELTABAG 7.5

Antiparasitic treatment of cattle and sheep

  • For external treatment of livestock

  • Effective against flying blood-sucking insects, lice, mites

  • Evenly distributed over the skin without entering the bloodstream

  • Active for 8-10 weeks (4-5 weeks for ticks)

  • Does not have an allergic and irritating effect

  • Approved for use during pregnancy and lactation

  • No withdrawal period for cattle

  • Withdrawal period for sheep meat - 1 day


DELTABAG 7.5 is used for treatment of cattle and sheep against ectoparasites.

Composition of the insecticide:

1 ml DELTABAG 7.5 contains:

Deltamethrin 7.5 mg as an active substance.

Biological activity:

The preparation is insectoacaricidal agent of the group of synthetic pyrethroids. 

Deltamethrin, the active substance of the drug, has a wide spectrum of insectoacaricidal (contact and intestinal) action. It is active against ticks, lice, flies and other blood-sucking insects. The mechanism of action of deltamethrin is the irreversible activation of sodium channels of nerve cell membranes, depolarization of cell membranes and blockade of nerve conduction, which leads to impaired motor reflexes, then causing complete paralysis and death of the ectoparasite.

After applying to the skin, deltamethrin is evenly distributed over the surface of the body, without being absorbed into the blood. It accumulates in the epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the animal and has a long-term insectoacaricidal effect.

The preparation in the recommended doses and concentrations does not have a local irritating and allergenic effect.


The drug is used for external treatment of animals by applying it to the skin from the base of the tail to the head along the spine in the following doses:

  • to cattle for protection against blood-sucking flying insects at a dose of 10 ml of the drug with an animal body weight of up to 100 kg, 20 ml of the drug with an animal body weight of 100–300 kg and 30 ml of the drug with an animal body weight over 300 kg; with syfunculiasis (lice infestation) - 10 ml of the drug with an animal body weight of up to 500 kg and 20 ml of the drug with a body weight of over 500 kg; for protection against ticks - 15 ml of the drug for every 100 kg of animal body weight, but not more than 75 ml per animal;
  • for sheep with syfunculiasis and for protection against blood-sucking insects - 10 ml of the drug per animal.

Shake the preparation thoroughly before use.
A single treatment with the drug protects animals from flying insect bites for 8-10 weeks, depending on the level of infestation, insect type and weather conditions. If necessary, the treatment is repeated after 8-10 weeks. A single treatment of cattle with the drug protects against ticks for 4-5 weeks.

For the prevention and treatment of syfunkulatosis, the drug is used once. Sheep of the same herd are processed after shearing at the same time.

Precautions and adverse reactions:

Adverse reactions after using the preparation in accordance with this instruction, as a rule, are not observed. In animals with increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, allergic reactions may occur. In this case, stop using this preparation in such animals. If necessary, antihistamines and other symptomatic treatment should be prescribed.

The preparation is contraindicated in weak, sick and emaciated animals.

When using the drug in accordance with this instruction, no overdose sympthoms have been revealed. If the drug gets inside the animal's body, excessive salivation, vomiting, agitation, muscle trembling, impaired coordination of movements, clonic convulsions and paresthesia may occur. In this case, symptomatic treatment is prescribed.

Do not use the preparation in combination with other insectoacaricidal drugs.

After the first administration and cancellation, no peculiarities are revealed.

If administration of the preparation is missed, resume it in the recommended dose and in accordance with the treatment scheme.

The drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Withdrawal period:

Meat of cattle after the use of the drug can be used for food purposes without restrictions, slaughter of sheep for meat is allowed no earlier than 1 day after the use of the drug. Animal milk can be used for food purposes without restrictions. In case of forced slaughter of animals earlier of the indicated period, the meat can be used as feed for carnivorous animals.

Storage conditions:

Store in a dark place at a temperature of 2°C to +25°C.


Shelf-life of the insecticide under appropriate storage conditions is 2 years from the date of manufacture; after the first opening of the container - 6 months, under appropriate storage conditions.

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